Case Study

“It just works”: The smooth deployment of Saige Lung at Portsmouth NHS

With Mark Gardner, Head of Radiology IT, Digital Imaging Architect at Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust

Mark Gardner

July 25, 2023

When it comes to AI adoption in radiology, we often focus on the experience of the clinicians. Yet seamless use of AI wouldn’t be possible without workflow integration, made possible in collaboration with the hospitals’ IT teams.

Today, we give the floor to Mark Gardner. With over 30 years of experience in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), Mark is the Head of Radiology IT at Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust. His hospital implemented Saige Lung to support radiologists reporting in the Targeted Lung Health Checks with automated pulmonary nodule management.

Mark Gardner describes the deployment of Saige Lung

“The installation and setup were straightforward. The DeepHealth team worked like a well-oiled machine, integrating the software with both our PACS and the teleradiology reporting unit.”

Saige Lung proved to be an easy-to-use tool also after the IT infrastructure was in place

“Saige Lung runs entirely in the background. The scans are acquired, then analyzed by the AI models. The findings are ready when the radiologist sits down to report on the study, in real-time.

“It’s one of the few IT systems in the trust that doesn’t require anything from us. We don’t need to step in for service, maintenance, or the usual tender loving care.”

Looking ahead, the IT team at Portsmouth NHS has every reason to rely on Saige Lung

“Whatever number of scans we send to the system, Saige Lung Nodules processes them, without queuing. As our volumes of CTs will grow following the expansion of the Targeted Lung Health Checks, we’re reassured that we’ve adopted a lung nodule management solution that’s up to the task.”

Mark Gardner summarizes his experience with Saige Lung in three words: “It just works.”

About Mark Gardner

  • Has worked in the NHS since 1993
  • Has owned RIS and PACS since 2006
  • Guides Digital Pathology
  • Collaborates at ICS and Clinical Network levels
  • Shapes the future of the diagnostics roadmap in the region

About Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust

  • Serves a population of 675,000 residents across Portsmouth and southeast Hampshire
  • Provides tertiary services to a catchment area of more than two million people
  • Performs as a regional cancer center
  • Critical care facilities rated outstanding by the Care Quality Commission