Conference Presentation

Artificial intelligence” (Quantib® Prostate) to improve cancer detection in transperineal MRI/ultrasound fusion biopsies of the prostate – The next game changer?


K.Günzel, C. A. Hamm, J. Schlegel, S. Heinrich, H. Cash, J. Busch, S. Hinz, B. Hamm, A. Magheli

August 19, 2022

  • This prospective analysis evaluates the detection and localization of PCa by Quantib in 150 patients when performing transperineal mRI/ultrasound fusion biopsies of the prostate.
  • The use of AI software to evaluate mpMRI before MRI-TRUS-TPBx could improve PCa detection and localization. The Urologist using Quantib detected all clinically relevant PI-RADS index lesions, and 10 PCa not detected by initial radiology reading without AI software.