• Solutions leverage advanced AI to improve operational efficiency, clinical confidence, and patient outcomes with a focus on breast, lung, brain, and prostate health.
  • Addresses challenges across the entire radiology value chain from referral management, scheduling and patient engagement to technologist workflow and interpretation.
  • Established collaborations with ASL Roma 2 and the Oncology Reference Center (CRO) in Aviano for neurodegenerative disease and prostate cancer screenings, respectively. The results from these collaborations will be discussed at the 1st Joint Congress of the Radiological Area in Milan. 

Milan, June 21, 2024 – DeepHealth, a wholly owned subsidiary of RadNet, Inc. (NASDAQ: RDNT) and a global leader in AI-powered radiology and health informatics, has today announced the launch of its integrated portfolio in Italy. At the heart of DeepHealth’s portfolio is a pioneering cloud-native operating system (DeepHealth OS) that unifies data across the clinical and operational workflow and personalizes AI-powered workspaces for everyone involved in the radiology continuum, enabling them to deliver better care, driving value across the enterprise while facilitating the clinical, and technological adoption of the AI tools. With a focus on leveraging AI for improved patient outcomes in breast, lung, brain, and prostate health, DeepHealth solutions power large-scale screening and diagnosis programs in Europe and the US, aiming to enable earlier, more reliable, and more efficient disease detection.

Delivering value for clinicians and patients in Italy

DeepHealth has an established presence in Italy and is expanding its offering of advanced technologies. 

“Italy is at the forefront of integrating AI in healthcare,” said Niccolò Stefani, Vice President of Clinical Development at DeepHealth. “Our clinical AI solutions are already delivering value to patients and clinicians in Italy. With our global expertise and integrated portfolio, we can help to address some of the most complex challenges in radiology, from enabling earlier and more reliable cancer detection to streamlining siloed workflows, ultimately aiming to empower breakthroughs in care delivery.”

Recognized as certified software in Italy’s National Dementia program, DeepHealth’s Brain AI (formerly known as Quantib ND) software has proven instrumental at ASL Roma 2 as part of a program to enhance the early diagnosis of cognitive disorders in geriatric patients. The AI-powered segmentation of MRI brain volumetry has shown an 86% positive correlation with neuropsychological tests and a 92% sensitivity in detecting hippocampal atrophy associated with Alzheimer’s disease, aiding in the early identification of cognitive decline. These results have been awarded ‘Best AI in Healthcare 2023’ at the Italian Health System Forum.

1 Preliminary data from the observational study conducted at ASL Roma 2 on 226 geriatric patients starting from February 2023 to date, to investigate early diagnosis of dementia with the use of neuropsychological tests and AI powered (QUANTIB ND) MRI automated evaluation of brain volumetry.  

The application of AI-powered software with MRI, in association with both neuropsychological tests and the crucial clinical narrative, enables the improvement of clinical confidence in early diagnosis of cognitive impairments” said Giovanni Capobianco, Direttore UOC Geriatria Transmurale Ospedale-Territorio ASL Roma 2. “This is significant in the light of the key role of early diagnosis to face the major healthcare challenge represented by dementias and cognitive disorders. An advanced integrated and AI-powered clinical, neuropsychological, and neuroradiological approach fosters the emergence of new multidisciplinary and transversal care pathways. 

“DeepHealth’s Brain AI software is a pinnacle of AI-driven healthcare innovation” said Marco Guazzaroni, Direttore UOC Diagnostica per Immagini ASL Roma 2: It has revolutionized the early detection and ongoing assessment of neurodegenerative disorders through its cutting-edge technology for automated segmentation and quantification of brain structures. This provides clinicians with rapid, accurate volumetric analyses and comprehensive reports, crucial for monitoring brain atrophy and lesion progression.”

In addition, the DeepHealth Prostate Diagnostic Solution is enhancing prostate cancer detection and workflow efficiency across several Italian sites, including the recent launch at Oncology Reference Center (CRO) in Aviano. The software accelerates the imaging analysis process, ensuring high-quality, precise diagnostics for improved patient outcomes. The solution also provides visual reports in a standardized format, facilitating clear communication with patients.

Global company driving local innovation

DeepHealth technology is used in over 300 radiology departments and imaging centers in select countries. Over fifteen million exams are performed annually using DeepHealth solutions, resulting in more than two million AI-informed diagnoses. In Europe, DeepHealth is pioneering the use of AI in lung cancer detection.

DeepHealth’s global operations are supported by teams across Europe, North America, and India, with algorithms trained on varying sets of patient data to promote equitable healthcare. 

DeepHealth at SIRM 2024

Data from the ASL Roma 2 study and more AI advancements will be discussed at the DeepHealth symposium entitled “AI-Powered Diagnosis: Personalized Radiology Workflows and Improved Patient Outcomes” at 1st Joint Congress of the Radiological Area held in Milan from June 20 to 23, organized jointly by SIRM (Italian Society of Medical and Interventional Radiology), AIMN (Italian Association of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging), and AIRO (Italian Association of Radiotherapy and Clinical Oncology).

The symposium will take place at 1:40 PM on 21st June in Room Amber 2, at the Allianz MiCo congress venue, Milan.

About DeepHealth:

DeepHealth, a wholly owned subsidiary of RadNet, Inc. (NASDAQ: RDNT), is a global leader in AI-powered radiology and health informatics for real-world clinical settings and screening programs. DeepHealth’s integrated portfolio of solutions builds on the strengths of eRAD Radiology Information and Image Management Systems, Aidence lung AI, DeepHealth breast AI and Quantib prostate and brain AI, which are now rebranded and part of DeepHealth. With its comprehensive portfolio, DeepHealth aims to address challenges across the entire radiology value chain from referral management, scheduling and patient engagement to technologist workflow and interpretation, and leverages advanced AI to improve operational efficiency, clinical confidence, and patient outcomes. Proven to boost clinical performance, DeepHealth’s human-centric, intuitive technology empowers radiologists to push the limits of imaging in healthcare.


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