AI-powered clinical support.

Each part of the body comes with unique clinical challenges. Our seasoned clinicians and engineers have pioneered the use of AI to assist radiologists with clinical complexities.

Saige AI assists clinicians when it may be difficult to make observations with the naked eye. Where measurements and calculations are time-consuming, Saige can help. Where robust outputs are lacking, Saige can help give you more context and data for reporting.

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Assess growth efficiently in high-volume environments.


Streamline the interpretation of prostate MRI.


Assess and monitor atrophy with quantitative and reference data.


Be more confident in your reading decisions.

Seamless integration. On site or in the cloud.

Born from vast and varied data sources, Saige algorithms are designed to cater to your specific needs. This results in more accurate diagnoses, personalized treatment plans, and ultimately, more informed clinical decisions.

In imaging practices of any size, Saige AI technology generates more of the information you need and helps you work more efficiently.

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Foundational informatics to orchestrate workflow.


Operational efficiency with AI.


Clinical AI-powered tools.

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  • Case Study

    “It just works”: The smooth deployment of Saige Lung at Portsmouth NHS

    Mark Gardner

    Head of Radiology IT, Digital Imaging Architect at Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust

  • Case Study

    “Helped me decrease my reporting times significantly”: Saige Prostate at Swiss International Prostate Center


    With Martina Martins, M.D., Swiss International Prostate Center

  • Case Study

    “AI provides extra information”: Saige Brain at Erasmus MC


    With Meike Vernooij M.D., Neuroradiologist at the Alzheimercentrum Erasmus MC and Professor of Population Imaging at Erasmus MC

  • Case Study

    “I can’t see a way that you should or could do lung cancer screening without AI.”


    With Dr. Graham Robinson, Consultant Radiologist, Past President of the British Society of Thoracic Imaging