Saige Brain

Assess and monitor neurodegenerative changes with quantitative and reference data.

Empower your workflow with Saige Brain, our AI-powered clinical imaging solution for brain atrophy quantification and white matter hyperintensities (WMH) detection.

Saige Brain is FDA-cleared, CE-marked and integrates seamlessly into your workflow. Examination results, reports, and segmentations are exported directly to the PACS. You can opt for on site or cloud deployment to fit your needs.


Saige Brain

Clinical features

Brain atrophy analysis

Saige Brain supports the assessment and monitoring of brain atrophy by automatically segmenting and measuring brain structures on scans. It provides single-time-point and longitudinal analyses.

WMH analysis

Saige Brain offers editable single-time-point and automated longitudinal WMH analyses to support single examinations and tracking of lesion development.

Comprehensive reports

Assess and monitor your patient’s condition with our comprehensive reports. Saige Brain generates a report per analysis, including patient and study data, a quantitative table, reference centile curves, and key images.

Saige Brain (Quantib® ND in Europe) is manufactured for DeepHealth by Quantib B.V. For clearance and availability in your geography of all functionalities listed, please contact us.

Saige Brain (Quantib® ND in Europe) is manufactured for DeepHealth by Quantib B.V. For clearance and availability in your geography of all functionalities listed, please contact us.

Benefit from automated segmentations of brain structures and WMH detection.

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  • Dr. Katharine Johnson

    “Ultimately, a much more robust nodule follow-up—in half the time.”

    Dr. Katharine Johnson

    Consultant Radiologist at Salisbury NHS

  • Thomas Jongsma, MD

    “It supports us in improving cancer care through more detailed reporting.”

    Dr. Thomas Jongsma

    Tergooi Hospital, NL

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  • Case Study

    “AI provides extra information”: Saige Brain at Erasmus MC


    With Meike Vernooij M.D., Neuroradiologist at the Alzheimercentrum Erasmus MC and Professor of Population Imaging at Erasmus MC

  • Scientific Publication

    Combining semi‑quantitative rating and automated brain volumetry in MRI evaluation of patients with probable behavioural variant of frontotemporal dementia: an added value for clinical practise?

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  • Scientific Publication

    Longitudinal Brain Atrophy Rates in Presymptomatic Carriers of Genetic Frontotemporal Dementia

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  • Scientific Publication

    Comparing two artificial intelligence software packages for normative brain volumetry in memory clinic imaging

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    NEURORADIOLOGY January 15, 2022